Al-Akhuwwa الاُخوة Incentive Program

We the MUA family are extremely excited and honored to have Al- Akhuwwa الاُخوة Incentive Program. The Al-Akhuwwa الاُخوة program is very special to us as it’s not only a way to give back to our dearest families, but also, it’s an actual reflection of our DNA. We the MUA staff, admin, and board have always strived to make the school home to our students, take care of our students like our sons and daughters, and most importantly build kinship amongst our students’ parents. Al-Akuwwa الاُخوة program is here to ensure that families are there for one another and MUA is blessed to have you all be part of its family. We can’t wait for each and every one of you to join Al-Akuwwa الاُخوة program.

Please follow the below steps to join Al-Akuwwa الاُخوة Incentive program:


Invite a "Family" member to join MUA


Sign up on myBrightwheel by clicking the ENROLL button in the navigation bar


Submit the application that aligns with your child’s age/grade including all the documents on the checklist (page 3). Include your "Family" member's name in Al-Akhuwa program member


Pay the registration fee on your child's myBrightweel account to complete the application process. Applications will not be processed until the registration fee is paid in full.


Schedule an interview for the program requested.


Enjoy a 25% discount for you and your "Family" member on tuition for a FULL YEAR