Upper Elementary

Our upper elementary students receive support in a self contained 4th grade class to transition smoothly from a Montessori classroom to a more traditional classroom environment. Learning is differentiated and realistic goals are set for each student based on their talents and abilities. Our classrooms are safe, fun, and students feel appreciated and cared for. Students learn independently and collaboratively to develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and technology skills.

In 5th and 6th grade, students begin to take classes divided by subject in different classrooms. In English and Social Studies they explore different periods of history through fiction and nonfiction to understand why the world functions as it does today. Students develop their research, writing, and speaking skills to learn how to make an impact by communicating well. We also explore math and science in our reading so students learn to connect all subjects. Students also learn about the world of science through observation and experimentation. In mathematics students apply concepts and skills to solve real life problems.

21st century career ready skills are developed across all curriuculms at this level.