Middle School

Our middle school students receive individualized attention inside and outside of the classroom. Using differentiated instruction that is data driven, we are able to identify each individual’s need for growth and success.

In our middle school program, we focus on equipping our students with the necessary skills for high school. Our curriculum is rigorous and innovative. One of the challenges of the 21st century is using technology effectively, so we incorporate all of the most recent programs and resources to help the students succeed beyond the classroom.

As a data driven school, we use the results of online assessments (IXL) and the annual standardized test (MAP Testing) to target each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This drives the instruction in class, helps our instructors to identify the weakness of each student and modify the lessons based on the individual’s needs.

Experiential Career Exploration Programs for Middle School

At MUA, we expose our students to potential career paths by providing real life experiences such as:

Montessori Model UN

Montessori Model UN is an annual event that brings students from all over the world to participate in great discussions and debates similar to the United Nation assemblies.  It is a powerful experience for our young people to come together to listen, negotiate, collaborate and then offer solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing problems. This program is an important step toward achieving our vision of educating for world peace.

Future City

Future City is a project based learning program that allows students to learn about engineering as they imagine, create, research and design a city in the future. Our school has earned several awards over the years and in 2018,  won 3rd place in the regional competition of over 80 teams! Our students each won a high tech drone and as a team won a $1,000 STEM grant for MUA.

By the time students are in middle school they become proficient in educational programs online such as google drive and smart amp. As they move on to high school, they are introduced to google drive and google classroom for distribution of assignments and collaboration with teachers and classmates. Students are also provided with coding classes familiarizing them to creating computer software, apps and websites!