About MUA

Welcome to Miftaahul Uloom Academy, one of the Islamic co-educational Pre-K - 12 independent day schools in New Jersey.  MUA offers a Montessori environment at the elementary level and a traditional environment for grades 7-10.  Our juniors and seniors take their core classes at Hudson County Community College and return to MUA for Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies.  Located in Union City, New Jersey, MUA offers both an exceptional education and a true sense of community.

MUA is an open-minded, multinational board and staff serving a multi-national community of families. MUA's goal is to provide a happy, healthy Islamic environment where our children can develop their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities to their fullest. We love our children and hope they will grow into well-rounded, God-fearing leaders of the righteous in this land of opportunity, Insha' Allah.

In 2004, Miftaahul Uloom gained recognition as the first Islamic school to get an Abbott contracted pre-school, and the first Islamic school in Northern New Jersey to offer a professional quality Montessori program.

MUA is sensitive to a child's social, emotional, and intellectual needs by providing developmentally appropriate activities and projects that focus on the process of learning, and help children enjoy successful experiences. 

A specially trained multilingual teacher and aide arrange the classroom to offer challenging play and learning choices at a range of developmental levels.  Language and cultural differences are welcomed and represented throughout the environment and are reflected in the staff.  Activity areas allow children the opportunity to explore, to experience, and most importantly, to succeed.